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Feel free to write me at
Please use my public key.
My gpg-id is 0x111E51CD and my fingerprint is 56A4 A16C 92C7 2F9E 4F4C D121 B940 170F 111E 51CD.


I'm a student of computer science at the Hochschule Karlsruhe and I have strong interests in operating systems, especially in Unix(TM) and its descendants.

I like small and beautiful tools, which means I dislike most GNU software, since most of it is a huge bloated mess and the code is very ugly. If you don't believe me, look at the sources of the glibc, which I additionally dislike for its inability to get good statically linked.

My preferred programming language is plain old C, followed by Go and Python. Other languages I can work with include C++ and Java.


All contents of this site are under the WTFPL unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Why the WTFPL?

The answer is quite simple: in some countries, like Germany, there is no such thing like the public domain, and this license is the most nearest thing to it.


There is no such thing like it for the code and programs found on this site. It is all free software, so everyone uses it on his own responsibility.


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Florian Limberger
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